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Responses For The Month Of October:

Call Type Number Of Calls
Fire Alarm 2
Medical 3
Service 0

As of 10/8/12

Responses For The Month Of September:

Call Type Number Of Calls
Fire Alarm 3
Medical 1
Service 0

As of 9/5/12

What does a firefighter actually do?

Firefighters, the heroes of our, the real world, are even more than that, they are fathers, husbands, family men, working people and much more. Considering that they are more than 80% volunteering firefighters, one must know that they also have a life beside being firefighters, as well as those whose job it is to be a firefighter.

Having a job or hobby as a firefighter means almost the same, just that the firefighters that job it is to do that work full time and don't have the luxury to say 'I am too tired, I can't work today'. But that does not happen often, because they are trained and used to working more than 72 hours at once. The fire station becomes the home of firefighters all over the world and also here at Durham, there is where they live, sleep, eat, cook, shower and do everything during their shift.

But what do firefighters do?

It is common to see firefighters saving someone from a burning building or to damp down a fire, but they actually do much more than that. Firefighters' job is to make the people of their city safe, they need to be ready to do any kind of emergency missions, such as saving someone from a car that got smacked buy a bus, or getting a kitten down from the tree or all kinds of other hero like missions.

When you realize that they live together for almost half the year, you see that firefighters have a second family - their colleagues, but that still does not mean that they can watch live, because it is crucial to stay ready all the time.

Things firefighters do are a huge variety of professions, because they need to maintain the house, the firehouse, they are living at, so sometimes firefighters perform as electricians, mechanics, plumbers, cooks, teachers, janitors, computer technicians, EMT persons (which we will talk about soon), fire investigators and rescue technicians. These are only a few professions that firefighters combine with their own, because they need to make a normal life in their house possible and they don't have an option to call someone to fix their things.

EMT, emergency medical technician, means giving people medical help in emergencies before anyone else comes to the place and gets a chance to help. This is a real thing, because firefighters even have to finish a course and make several tests that prove that they are ready and know enough to be an EMT. But it is much harder for them, then to other EMTs, because they need to save someone and at the same time care about his or her general health and possible wounds.

We mentioned also fire investigation, well, it is also a job of a firefighter to determine what the causes for fires are and where the fire started. For this there are required a several courses to pass and years and years of training and practice, so don't think that being a firefighter is just sliding down a pole and driving a cool red truck.