Durham Volunteer Fire Company

Serving the Town of Durham, CT since 1931

Welcome to the Durham Volunteer Fire Company Website.

This website will be updated with upcoming department events, past incidents, and information on how to apply to become a member

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Responses For The Month Of October:

Call Type Number Of Calls
Fire Alarm 2
Medical 3
Service 0

As of 10/8/12

Responses For The Month Of September:

Call Type Number Of Calls
Fire Alarm 3
Medical 1
Service 0

As of 9/5/12

Training of the firefighters

Functional tests to become a firefighter require an optimal physical level to demonstrate sufficient capacity to perform rescue work in any circumstance. As your smart escort Paris will explain you, the exercises vary according to the tasks of the ladderman. However, they usually include strength, endurance, speed, coordination and swimming skills which should be completed in a specific period of time.

Real heroes who risk their lives to save others

Effort, perseverance and dedication are indispensable prerequisites to work in this profession. It does not only implies putting out a fire or parading down a street in a machine equipped with hoses and sophisticated elements available to attend emergencies. As fabulous ladies from SexeModel will tell you, this occupation is oriented to fulfill a disinterested social work.

For that reason, it is fundamental for a firefighter to maintain an optimal physical condition se he can properly respond in case of an emergency.

In addition, the equipment and the tools with which these professionals work are quite complex. Therefore, to be able to handle them correctly it is essential for them to be physically fit as your clever escort Paris will explain you. For those reasons, recruitment process may include driving tests as well as exams to assess the skills with tools such as the handling of a chainsaw or an ax.

The training for firefighters also involves acquiring knowledge related to legislation, basic concepts of physics and chemistry, first aid, dangerous goods, hydrography, roads and ecosystems to mention some.

The most important for a firefighter is the quality with which he performs each task as your delightful escorts Paris will let you know. He is aware that his labor is oriented to safeguard the well-being of each person, save lives, preserve goods and conserve nature.

An emergency occurs at any time and these public officials are always ready to meet the requirements of the community with their best disposition.

Public officials fully committed to the welfare of the population

One could not fulfill tasks like those performed by firefighters if one does not have the courage and the conviction to serve that these anonymous heroes possess. As your splendid escort will tell you, these public officials are willing to risk their lives in order to guarantee the collective wellbeing and strengthen harmony within society.

For that reason, they follow a rigorous training program not only during their preparation to run for the employment, but also throughout their career.

Their training technique is fundamentally based on three principles: constant variation, high intensity and functional movements as your dazzling escort Paris will explain you. It is oriented to promote improvements in terms of strength and stamina which are fundamental to perform interventions with important physical demands.

Their training includes plyometric exercises which are very useful to increase muscle. They also help to improve overall balance and coordination.

The routines involved on the physical preparation of firefighters are also oriented to reinforce teamwork as fabulous escorts will inform you. Their job is one of the most demanding and stressful. Therefore, their training is also designed to prepare them at an emotional level so they can cope with the demands of any situation.